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Cropping Issues in NW Minnesota

Cropping Issues in Northwest Minnesota

WE want to thank all the subscribers to the northwest region crops newsletter. The newsletter has been published since 2004, starting first as a mail-only based product. In 2005, the format began the transition to electronic only delivery, relying on e-mail as the platform for sending a newsletter-like document and on-line version. A few years ago, on-line publishing required a different interface for publishing that resulted in some inefficiencies that made publishing a little more of a challenge.

Welcome now to a slightly different format that should bring efficiency of publication and many more opportunities to deliver important updates and information to you.

The Cropping Issues in Northwest Minnesota will be published with greater flexibility for posting as needed. We plan to continue e-mailing a weekly listing of items in the original Table of Contents format, however you can now set your computer and mobile device to receive posts as they occur. All Extension faculty working with field crops in NW and WC MN will have greater flexibility themselves to post items in a timely fashion as they will have direct access to publish.

We realize this change may create unexpected issues . . . we will be learning some of the new options as we proceed. There is a comment / question feature to contact us if you see something you don't understand, something that is missing, or something you would like to see addressed. Please feel free to take advantage of this feature.

Thank you,

Phillip Glogoza
Extension Educator, Crops
University of Minnesota Extension

Cropping Issues in Northwest Minnesota

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