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Cropping Issues in NW Minnesota

July 19, 2013

Small Grain Survey Updates / Maps

The small grain survey run jointly across Minnesota and North Dakota is underway. Maps are posted at the above link. Still have some concerns with Cereal Aphids in late wheat, Tan spot and Scab outlook for susceptible wheat varieties.

Last Call:  Cereal Aphids in Late Heading Wheat

Watch the later fields of wheat that may still be in the boot stage to heading. Some of these later fields have had large populations of cereal aphids, particularly English grain aphid building for awhile. 

For a review of recommended insecticides for aphid management in small grains, a good summary is available in the 2013 North Dakota Insect Management Guide

Small Grain Plant Diseases

Tan spot has been the most prevalent disease reported in small grains. Now, Fusarium Head Blight / Scab is also creeping into the picture. Check the disease outbreak forecast map for your wheat (susceptible vs. resistant)

Don't forget that here are the Small Grain Disease Forecasting Models currently available for tan spot, Septoria, leaf rust, and Fusarium head blight.

Scab forecast from 7-19-2013

Armyworm Reports from the Region

Report from Bruce Potter, IPM Specialist, SWROC-Lamberton

In the most recent issue of the IPM Stuff 2013-10b, 7/18/2013, Bruce is reporting on armyworm infestations, including reports from SE North Dakota (Richland County). Read more at Bruce’s on-line posting.

Read more in Bruce’s True Armyworm Management summary posted for your reference.

Weed Management in Prevented Planting Acres

By Jeffrey L. Gunsolus, Extension Agronomist - Weed Science

The wet weather pattern this spring and early summer has left a significant number of acres, especially in southeastern MN, unplanted. Current estimates in southeastern MN project 30% of the tillable acres have not been planted and on many of these acres weeds such as giant ragweed, common lambsquarters and waterhemp are thriving.

Although weeds are beneficial from an erosion control perspective their rapid growth will make seedbed preparation for planting cover crops very difficult and weed seed production potential will challenge even the best weed management tactics available in 2014.

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This week's topics:


  • Soybeans Insect Pest Update
  • Wheat Midge Emergence Slowing Down
  • Late Planted Cereal Crops Still at Risk for Cereal Aphids
  • Lauxaniid Fly Common In Fields
  • No Sorghum Midge in Corn in ND

Plant Science:

  • Subsurface Water Management

Plant Pathology:

  • Fusarium Yellows Rears its Deadly Fangs in Crookston
  • Small Grain Diseases

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Cropping Issues in Northwest Minnesota