Crops & Soils Day 2019

A Huge Thank You to all that attended our annual Crops and Soils Day at the Northwest Research and Outreach Center (NWROC)


The NWROC’s Crops and Soils Day was held on Wednesday, July 17. Early morning thunderstorms woke most people up. By 7:00 a.m. we realized we needed to put Plan B into effect and started to move all materials, tables and chairs from the north farm to the maintenance/ farm operations building located across the street from our offices and just south of Hwy 71 (behind UM Crookston). Rain amounts proved to be only .05” but it was enough to bring presentations inside for the morning tours. Emails and phone calls were made to radio stations and contact lists with a map directing people from the farm shop to the maintenance/farm building.  Staff pulled together and brought tables, chairs, speakers, presentation boards, pop, water, and anything associated with lunch to the maintenance/farm building located across the street from our office building and just south of Hwy 71.


By lunchtime, a decision was made to take advantage of the sun shining and we held the sugarbeet tours outside at the various plots. 


Crops and Soils Day was very much a success. The presenters did an awesome in sharing their information with over two hundred people.



  • Kevin Smith: Barley Varieties and Breeding Research
  • Jim Anderson: Wheat Breeding Variety Update
  • Angie Peltier: Thinking Outside the Box: SCN Management
  • Jochum Wiersma: Does Genetics Make a Difference When Fertilizing Wheat Varieties
  • Beverly Durgan: Weed Management in Small Grains
  • Ian MacRae: Bugs & Spuds & Such
  • Lindsay Pease: Transforming Drainage in Northwest Minnesota
  • Dan Kaiser: Managing Potassium in the Red River Valley
  • Ruth Dill-Macky: Disease of Small Grains



  • Ashok Chanda: Management of Major Sugarbeet Root Diseases
  • Hal Mickelson: That Blasted (D***) Cercospora
  • Dan Kaiser: Management of Sulfur and Micronutrients in Sugarbeet Production
  • Tom Peters: Sugarbeet Tolerance with Ethofumesate and Acifluorfen Postemergence in Sugarbeet


Next year the event is Wednesday, July 15, 2020. A “Save the Date” email will go out to all email address on file after wrap up meeting.


7/17/19 Crops & Soils Day


guests in the morning, includes 6 presenters


guests in the afternoon tour, includes presenters


faculty and staff


summer employees



Contact Maureen Aubol at or 218.281.8602 with questions.