Small Grains Pest & Disease Management

The small grains pest and disease management applied research program focuses on developing environmentally and economically sustainable pest and disease management tactics. Studies incorporate remote sensing, weather analyses, GIS, and other geospatial tools to determine where and when insect problems or disease are developing and at economically impactful levels. We utilize this information to develop treatments that are only applied when and where necessary.

By targeting applications in fields, the over-application and waste of insecticides and pesticides can be avoided. This promotes the profitability of small grains production while also minimizing environmental impacts.

We collaborate with growers and other researchers to conduct trials in fields as well as on NWROC research land. Trials are conducted to fill information gaps regarding pest and disease management, to control current outbreaks, and to prevent potential outbreaks. We focus on not only the pest problems of today, but those of the future as well.

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