Small Grains Soil Science

Small grains soil science research studies nutrient and fertilizer management in hard red spring wheat production. While much of the recent effort focuses on nitrogen management, earlier research included phosphorus management with minor work in micronutrients.

Hard Red Spring Wheat (HRSW)

Our most recent project investigates nitrogen uptake and distribution within the plants of different HRSW varieties. Two high-yielding and moderate protein varieties were compared to two moderate yielding and high-protein varieties. Field trials are completed, and data is currently being analyzed and interpreted. Though there was variability among all the varieties, at this point our results indicate:

  • The yielding varieties respond to extra nitrogen primarily through increased grain yield. There may or may not be some increase in grain protein.
  • High-protein varieties tend to respond to extra nitrogen primarily through increased grain protein. There may or may not be an increase in grain yield.

The University of Minnesota Extension Small Grains Specialist uses this research in program messages and teaching. Further refinement and interpretation of the data is ongoing and will be published in scientific journals. The information on this site will be updated as this interpretation occurs. The Minnesota Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council funded this research.

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